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Aug 20

*Shameless self-promotion*

This trailer we made for our client Viking Tyres Malaysia is the first 3d animation project I’ve ever worked on. It was tons of fun and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. 

Now, on to the rest of the bucket list. 

Jan 15



Do you sometimes struggle when contacting agencies, worried about getting their names right? With so many unusual names and logos, it can be tricky. This easy-to-use guide gives you the 100% correct way to say agency names. Make sure you never mispronounce again with this handy guide.


Nov 7


Milkbar: A Photographic Archive By Eamon Donnelly

Long before the Americanized 24 hour ‘convenience’ stores and before the ‘Big Two’ overhauled how we buy our milk and bread with petrol, on nearly every third corner of the Australian suburbs lived the Milk Bar. The independent one stop shop with everything you needed to live day to day. In this constant changing world, the Milkbar represents an idealised image of the Australia we used to know, the faded signage and empty corner shops still dotted around our cities remind us of a simpler time, a time when you knew your fellow shopkeeper by first name.

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Oct 29


‘Expect the unexpected’ by DBS Bank, Tribal DDB Singapore: Pretty self-explanatory… DDB placed half a car in several locations around Singapore and invited people to scan a QR code to find out what happened. This is one of the videos that they were presented with…

Fun work from these guys, year after year. 

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"What’s having a bad client like? For bad clients, the means is more important than the end. They live to control and micromanage the process. They delay approvals and won’t commit. They believe that their high-touch involvement is helping things, when it is actually derailing the process, de-motivating teams and leading to uninspired work. Interestingly, bad clients aren’t necessarily afraid of delivering uninspired work. They would rather produce a shitty campaign and blame the agency for it, than produce a stellar campaign and not get credit for it. Great clients are fearless and increasingly hard to find."

- Digiday - Confessions of an Agency CEO (via danielcaeiro)

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Jul 26
Jul 18


First the massive BP Olympic billboards were graffiti-ed. Now a series of graffiti artists have taken over some outdoor spaces with their own campaigns.

I don’t know if I’m supposed take issue with this, working in advertising and all, but I don’t.

I love ‘em.

Agency: Ha! | Source: Copyranter

Me, too.

Jun 7

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Apr 24


(via Iconic Movie Posters from Different Angles)

Feb 20

Dead Ideas by Passion Pictures

Yes, this is what having your ideas rejected feels like…